Venison is a relatively lean meat and lower in calories, fat, and cholesterol than beef and pork. It has a good source of B vitamins (particularly B12 & B6 which supports brain health) and minerals such as zinc, phosphorous, copper and iron. It helps dogs maintain healthy energy levels and many dogs enjoy the taste.

An easier to digest protein source recommended for dogs with allergies.


You can pick either Option 1 or 2 to go along with the protein. If you like to create your own pup's bowl, head over to our order form


OPTION 1: brussels, pumpkin, zucchini, oats, tomatoes


  • Good soluble fiber
  • Replenishes red blood cells
  • Rich source of Vitamin-B helps in reducing fatigue and improves mood
  • Loaded with phytonutrient & Vitamin C to protect against environmental toxics & oxidative stress
  • Supports detoxification


OPTION 2: mushrooms, celery, bok choy, sweet potato, carrots


  • Natural source of prebiotics
  • Helps improve digestibility and utilization of carbohydrates and proteins
  • Decent source of Vitamin D helps with bone health (Absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorus)
  • Freshens pup’s breath & liver cleansing
  • High water content to keep your pup hydrated
  • Contains Vitamin A, C and E which are powerful antioxidants
  • Supports eye, immune and skin and coat health
  • Contains choline which is essential nutrient for brain and nervous system function and regulation of mood and memory


*All Venison packs comes with pork organ, organic coconut oil, ground eggshells and chia seeds.

Venison Bowl

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