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  About Us  

why we started

We started from preparing meals for our furkid!


Coming home everyday to an adorable furry head, tail wagging, cannot wait to give you all the hugs and jumps and kisses that she has been storing for the whole day.  


Apart from being always there for her, the best reward that we can give is the finest nutrition possible. We believe that you are what you eat and the best medicine comes from the food you eat daily.


Similar to the ways human eat; we don’t get a well balance diet everyday, do we? The truth is it is almost impossible to plan for a balance diet as their need changes over time, depending on their physical needs, the frequency of their exercise routine, age and other factors. There are so many ingredients safe and great for dogs! Why not delight their senses, satisfy their every craving while discovering new combinations, new favourites and new ideas?


The key is to give them a variety of ingredients to ensure that they get the full quota of nutrients they need. We believe that over time, this will help to build foundation for their own natural defence mechanisms to battle any infections that comes.


Help your animal companion live longer, healthier and happier.

And that was our real beginning to be your Paw’s Chef.

whats in

the bowl

A choice of protein source, 5 fresh produces and a grain (optional) handpicked by you. Combined with our quarterly special nutrimix to add more goodness.

Made with pure simple ingredients that you and I would eat everyday.

100% real food and homemade with love, no nasties.

Our promise

No preservatives. No colouring. No antibiotics & hormones.

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