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How to order?

Select the weight per pack (e.g.200g/pack or 400g/pack)

Select the protein for your pup. Note that each protein comes in 10 packs.

Let us know the veges to go along with the protein selected.You can choose up to 5 veges from our list of veges for your selection: Bell pepper, bok choy, broccoli, brussels, carrot, celery, chickpea, green peas, pumpkin, spinach, sweet potato, oats, wolfberry, zucchini, tomato, shitake.(Example: bell pepper, spinach, wolfberry, bok choy)OR if you only want to customise your pup's daily feed and leave the veges selection to us, just type OMAKASE under this section.

Add to cart!


To order another set, repeat step 1-4.



All packs comes with the selected protein organs, ground eggshell, organic chia seeds & coconut oil, except for venison protein.

Each pack is around 70% protein (includes 5% organ) + 30% vege. To customise the ratio of protein to veg/opt out for organs, please let us know when you are selecting the veg.

Customise Meal Packs (10 packs)

  • Paynow/Paylah to 90621439 and send over the payment screenshot to the same number. 

    Once payment received, we will confirm your order & update you on delivery date/time. 

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