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Ingredients: protein selection, basil, pumpkin seeds

(protein: chicken breast, ,pork loin, beef knuckle or duck breast)


Basil is one of the doggo-approved leafy herb, it contains some of the essential nutrients including calcium, antioxidants and vitamin A & K. What's bets is it has calming ability and produces hormones that make your dog happy and energetic! What not to love about it˜


Pumpkin seeds are incredibly rich in phosphorus and magnesium and contain a significant amount of copper, zinc, calcium, iron, and antioxidants as well. Its is also known for deworming with the aid of cucurbitacins content. 


Freshly prepared upon ordered. Comes in 70g/150g. 

*NOTE: All treats should be introduced slowly and do not feed more than 10% of their daily food intake

We recommend consuming within 2 months from manufactured date

Pesto Protein Mini bites

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