Get your hands on these HIGHLY ADDICTIVE CRISPY KALE CHIPS! The vegan chips is so addictive that we almost finish the bag of samples we did, ignoring how our pup a.k.a CTO looking at us with her killer eyes. 


Kale is known for its impressive balance of maximum nutrition for minimal calories. It is a superfood for both you & your dog!  Kale picks up a seaweedy toasty flavor from the baking process, which can actually balance of the bitterness in its raw form. 



Vegan Kale Chips - rolled oats, kale

Chicken Kale Chips - chicken breast, kale

Pork Kale Chips - pork loin, kale

Beef Kale Chips - beef knuckle, kale


Freshly prepared upon ordered. Each pack is around 70g
*NOTE: All treats should be introduced slowly and do not feed more than 10% of their daily food intake

We recommend consuming within 2 months from manufactured date

    Kale Chips (70g)

    Choose your protein
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