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Not the best looking cookie, but I'm sure your pup is going to fall in love with them.

If your pup loves peanut butter, there's no way he's gonna reject this unique, nutty flavor from the black sesame seeds.


Sesame seeds have the ability to ease constipation and help your pup stay regular due to its fiber content. The calcium in sesame seeds creates strong bones, while copper lends a hand in the fight against joint pain. They have two unique elements, sesamin and sesamolin, which have been shown to increase vitamin E in animals and to protect the liver from oxidative damage


Ingredients: oats, goat's milk, pure black sesame seeds, maple syrup (grade A)


Each pack comes in 100g. 


All cookies are freshly baked upon order, please allow a 3-5 days of processing time. 

Recommended storage: Keep them in freezer/airtight container. 

Feed within 1-2 months from the date of bake.  

Black Sesame Cookie

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