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Tips to name your dog

You have just adopted or got your bundle of joy. You just cannot stop looking into her eyes and cuddle her as close to you as possible. Then you realise that you have not named your puppy.

Some people know what to name the puppy as soon as they lay eyes on her, while some just cannot think of a suitable name because they just don’t seem to be happy with any names. We thought that this is a problem with most of the dog owners out there, so we are going to give some help to all pawrents.

A few tips that should be taken in consideration as below:

1) Name should be easily recognised, such as having 1 or 2 syllabus.

2) Avoid names which are similar to commands such as sit or stay.

3) You can be adventurous since naming your puppy is not as rigid as naming your child. But of course, you should not be embarrassed when you call out that name.

Quite a few owners pick names from food or beverages. Some examples to kickstart.

a) Latte

b) Cookie

c) Biscuit

d) Taco

e) Kopi

f) Butter

g) Mochi

h) Nugget

i) Pepper

j) Mocha

Another popular theme is the colour of the haircoat.

a) Cotton

b) Snowy

c) Milo

d) Ash

e) Jet

f) Shadow

g) Taffy

h) Ginger

i) Amber

j) Scarlet

Of course the above are just suggestions which can be a starting point when naming your pup. You may not like those names but everyone has to start somewhere right?

We suggest to be adventurous and unique with the names. You wouldn't want to call out your pup's name in the dog park and 10 dogs come running to you, would you?

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